Diane's House

Wisconsin Intensive Treatment Program for Autism, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy and Similar Disorders – Diane's House at Nature's Edge

Diane's House - Wisconsin Inpatient Autism Program

Nature's Edge Therapy Center is pleased to welcome you to Diane's House, the centerpiece of our intensive treatment program for families dealing with autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and other disorders. This fully accessible, furnished home gives patients and their families a place to comfortably stay while participating in our innovative intensive treatment program, designed to provide practical skills they can share for a lifetime.

Individualized speech, occupational, and physical therapy

After in-depth evaluations by our licensed therapists, an individualized treatment plan is tailored for the patient that also addresses the family's unique needs and goals. (Because this is a medical intervention, a doctor’s prescription for speech, occupational, and/or physical therapy must be provided.) Then an immersive schedule of therapy involves the family in the treatment plan and provides comprehensive tools they can bring to their everyday lives for a newfound level of harmony and growth.

Sessions for the patient and family may include:

  • Caregiver education and training
  • Meal preparation, planning and dining
  • Music and art enrichment activities
  • Community outing activities
  • Hippotherapy (equine/horse-assisted therapy)
  • Interaction with other therapy animals

Intensive Therapy, Lifelong Benefits

Studies show that children with autism and similar disorders who receive intensive therapy can experience greater gains from their treatment and increased social functioning throughout their lifetime. The intensive treatment program at Nature's Edge focuses on daily skills like self-care, but also communication skills like sharing emotions through facial expressions and eye contact. Success with these everyday needs can greatly ease the stresses within a family, and provide long-term strategies for a better quality of life.

Early Intervention Improves Symptoms

We accept children as young as two years of age at Diane's House (there is no upper age limit), and encourage caregivers of a boy or girl with special needs to contact us as early as possible for a thorough evaluation. Our social development therapies provide toddlers and young children with an excellent foundation for improved communication, independence, and life skills. Multiplied through a family's love and understanding, these benefits can be truly transforming for all who take part.

Our Namesake

Diane’s personal legacy of warmth and love for people and animals is the foundation of this home constructed in her memory. It is only fitting that for years to come, families will recreate their own loving home under this roof, while planting the seeds for their own harmonious growth.

Family therapy for autism, brain injury, cerebral palsy and more

We truly believe this resource to be one of the most unique and beneficial in the nation, and invite you to contact us at Nature's Edge with any questions about a stay at Diane's House, our intensive treatment program for autism and other disorders.


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