Buddy, our Golden, passed at the end of May 2017, two weeks before he would have completed his 16th birthday. Buddy was a message without words. He was a dog with an obvious disability - only three legs and one seeing eye. Was he limited or helpless? Not a chance. Buddy's theme was "Yes I Can!" and his example encouraged and motivated countless patients at our therapy center. What did he contribute? Certainly lots of love and affection, warmth and acceptance, but what he exemplified was even more powerful -- courage and self-leadership. HIs happy bark, smiling face and wagging tail, his love of being read to, his participation in therapy sessions and his message without words formed the "Buddy factor," an asset that strengthened our therapy for over 15 years. For many patients Buddy connected deeply, including this young patient who sent us this thank you prayer for Buddy: "Please help Buddy grouw and play with my animals that have passed away. Thank you for allowing Buddy to rub against my shoulder, cuddle with me and listed to my stories. Thank you God. Amen."

RIP Buddy 5/28/2017. We will miss you!

Donated by: Sonja and Mark Crawford


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