2018 Summer Learning OUT-OF-DOORS

Early Bird Discounts if Registered by May 1

A time to grow!

In nature, summer growth just happens. Multiply sunshine and warm temperatures by rain and earth and the exponential product is our grass-filled, leaf-filled and foilage-filled world.

The summer months come full of growth potential for our children also. Invest your children's summer potential into healthy development and learning at Nature's Edge.

We are offering learning groups for children and youth from pre-kindergarden though 12th grade at Nature's Edge during Summer 2018. While each group program targets unique goals, all programs promote the benefits of a healthy and active, out-of-doors lifestyle, the development of character and confidence though successful engagement, and the opportunity to form meaningful relationships. Let your child unplug from technology this summer and plug into out-of-door learning at Nature's Edge!

  • Learning Social Skills on the Ranch (Group 1, Ages 13-18; Group 2, Ages 7-12). Teaching eye contact, greetings, making requests, turn-taking, expressing feelings, etc., with the help of horses and nature.
  • Preschool Outdoor Play (Ages 3-5) Outdoor fun play to promote language and play skills.
  • Staying Active in Nature/Sibling Fun (Ages 6-18) Nature is our playing field and animals our companions as we learn skills and concepts for healthy and active living. 2nd sibling, 50% off.

Click here for Summer Groups brochure and Pre-Registration form with full descriptions and dates and time of each group. 

Click here to view our Summer Groups flyer.